WIX Details

If you already have a WIX website, it's not possible to transfer your website information, content & blog posts to the new website template. The website arrives as a brand new and totally separate website in your WIX account. You can copy text from your existing WIX site and add it to your new site (old school style, copy, paste, etc.) Your old site will still be in your account. It's deleted when you choose. 

Once the website is transferred into your WIX account you are responsible for editing and updating the website with your information going forward.  Website editing, customizations, connecting your domain, your SEO, store set up, and any other kind of changes are NOT included in your website purchase.

If you wish to remove the WIX ads and connect to your own domain, you will need to upgrade your WIX account to Premium. This does cost extra, and the fee is paid to WIX. Ginger Lobb Creative is not in any way related to WIX, I'm the designer and they are a Website Host.

terms & Conditions

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WIX tips to get your site launched!

-make edits, add your logo, switch out colors, fonts, text, graphics, images, etc. 
-update your SEO for each page 
-toggle on or off pages for search engines
-adjust your mobile design
-change/add your links to buttons and social icons
-load your favicon 
-update information on your WIX chat settings to your email and download the WIX app
-add sections to your standalone form if needed (you can create release forms, sign-ups, waivers, etc. and then share the link with clients. 
-view options on the left in your dashboard to see all the features WIX offers and set up your google analytics. 
-manage your hosting and domain connection

Too Much to Handle?

hire me to restyle your template for you!